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       Networked Storage Solutions

Many customers tend to think that building up a storage area network or SAN is expensive and difficult. It is quite the opposite now. In terms of technology, the dominant networked storage solutions are based on the Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols. However, solutions based on SAS have emerged recently.

Fibre Channel SAN - To support a large number of servers running different operating systems and requiring large disk space, Fibre Channel SAN is suitable.

iSCSI SAN - If you are going to set up a few Windows or Linux servers for a small business, remote office or small department, iSCSI solutions are simple and easy to deploy.

SAS SAN - SAS (or Serial Attached SCSI) solutions are gaining momentum. From the perspectives of price range, performance and capacity, SAS solutions are positioned between FC and iSCSI solutions.


The HP StorageWorks has a long history in the storage market. From Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, and now HP, the StorageWorks family offers a wide range of products and solutions designed for SMB and large enterprises. Everything you need to build up a storage network can be found in the family. For example, disk arrays, FC SAN switches, FC HBA, tape libraries, virtual tape libraries, backup software, data replication software, storage management software and many more.

The HP disk arrays: StorageWorks P2000 G3, EVA4400, 6400, 8400, P6300 and P6500.


Storage offerings from EMC should not be missed. The company has a broad range of products and solutions that complement each other. EMC also has everything that you need for a SAN. On the other hand, EMC's software offerings are worth mentioning. The often heard software family names are Avamar, Centera, Documentum, NetWorker and VMware.

The EMC disk arrays: CLARiiON CX4 Model 120, 240, 480 & 960, and VNX5100, 5300, 5500, 5700 & 7500.


IBM has a complete list of storage offerings targeting the SMB and large enterprise markets. Whether you need a solution based on FC, iSCSI or SAS, you can find one that meets your requirements.

The IBM disk systems: DS3400, 3500, 3950, 5020, 5100, 5300 & 8000.

Talk to us now. We are glad to recommend the most suitable solutions for your unique storage need.

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