Mirage for Windows 7 Migration
Solution Overview

VMware Horizon Mirage accelerates Windows XP to Windows 7 migration across thousands of desktop and laptop computers at headquarters and branch offices, zero touch with no loss of user files or personalization, and delivering significant cost savings in time and effort.

Figure 1 – VMware Horizon Mirage Management Console

VMware Horizon Mirage is a layered image-management solution that separates the PC into logical layers, which are owned and managed by either your IT organization or the end user. Now you can update IT-managed layers while maintaining end-user files and personalization. And to maximize end-user productivity, snapshots and backups of layered desktop images enable quick recovery or rollback in case of failure.

Horizon Mirage streamlines the two most common migration approaches: upgrading an existing Windows XP device, in place, to Windows 7 – or migrating a user′s profile and files in a hardware-refresh process from their previous Windows XP device to a new Windows 7 device.

Key Benefits

  • Save up to 70 percent on migration costs versus traditional tools.
  • Reduce end-user downtime to minutes.
  • Deliver a standard Windows 7 image across platforms.
  • Enable desktop backup and recovery.
  • Easily migrate branch and remote office employees without added infrastructure costs.

  • To find out more about our professional service offerings for Windows 7 migration, please contact us at 3576-3000 or send an email to enquiry@simplesystems.com.hk.

    Released on 20-Aug-2013

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